Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg & Ed Milliband introduced to our Founder January 2013

By January 28, 2013 June 13th, 2019 Latest News



It was good to personally speak and shake hands both with both the Deputy Prime Minister- Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Ed Milliband , Leader of the Labour party at the same time last week. They both said that they had heard of our work and there were big smiles!


We met both leaders at the Speakers House in the House of Commons and had a long chat with the Speaker himself-John Bercow MP of the Conservative party. The MP is supportive of the ban on fox hunting as indeed are the majority of the public. It was good to speak of our work against repeal to the Speaker since our last meeting at the Guildhall in November 2011.

We also said hello to MPs Henry Smith, Andrew Mitchell and Kerry Mc Carthy. Kerry kindly attended our parliamentary reception for a close season for hares last June.


Websites, social media, blogs, twitter etc are great platforms to spread campaigns yet nothing is as vital to make an important impact as face to face meetings. This is why we focus our campaigns on the decision makers- the MPs, as they are responsible for making the necessary changes that we want to see to advance wildlife protection. We speak face to face with politicans and put the necessary information to them at meetings and events.