Farmer speaks out against fox hunting at Blue Fox parliamentary briefing, September 2015

By September 16, 2015 Uncategorised

Andrea Jenkyns MP hosted the latest Conservatives Against Fox Hunting-Blue Fox parliamentary briefing for Conservative anti hunting MPs in Portcullis House on the 15th September chaired by Chris Platt, Blue Fox Co founder. The event was supported by the RSPCA, IFAW and the League Against Cruel Sports. Lorraine Platt, Co Founder of Blue Fox commented:

‘We were delighted to give a platform for a Farmer to speak against fox hunting before Conservative MPs at our Blue Fox parliamentary briefing on the hunting amendments’.

Graham Cooper, a Farmer of many years said:

‘Foxes are an important part of our native species and of great help in rabbit control consequently of considerable benefit to farmers, particularly those relying on grass pasture.Farmers easily can and should adjust their operating practices to accommodate foxes.The problems of upland farming are not foxes but the harsh environment. The majority of lamb and ewe losses are due to the often inclement conditions and the inefficient management of stock.Rather than waste time persecuting foxes a greater value to hill farmers would be to encourage them to lamb indoors until both lambs and ewe are fit enough to be returned to the wilder environment. The government should provide financial assistance to enable them to do so.’Blue fox briefing group pic

Other Speakers at the briefing event included an anti hunting Conservative Association Vice President on the Conservatives Against Fox Hunting viewpoint, Dr Toni Shepphard, expert on hunting with dogs , on how the proposed amendments would weaken the Hunting Act, Robbie Marsland of League Scotland on the ineffectiveness of the Scottish legislation, Claire Robinson of the RSPCA and Kevin Flack of IFAW on the lack of evidence of increased fox predation.

The Farmer also attended the APGAW meeting on hunting later the same day and talked against fox hunting before MPs ,Countryside Alliance spokespersons and animal welfare charities.He was heartily applauded by the audience.