Fox hunting ban likely to remain thanks to new generation of Tory MP's . CAFH written about in The Guardian October 29th 2010

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The election of a new generation of Conservative MPs opposed to bloodsports is likely to block attempts to repeal the ban on foxhunting with hounds, according to members of the latest Commons intake.

A full vote to legalise the pursuit of wild mammals with dogs is therefore unlikely to be held during this parliament because there is insufficient support, animal welfare  campaigners maintain. Figures on the parliamentary arithmetic collected by the League Against Cruel Sports are supported by soundings taken by some anti-hunting Tory MPs.

 Lions  have  represented widsom, courage and leadership for centuries. This magnificent lion statue sits  as a guardian in the grounds of Parliament. This  animal also symbolises  justice, nobility, strength, protection and authority. These attributes are highly prized in decision makers and quite rightly so here in Westminster itself. Lions have also stood as the guardians of hearth and home. We ask all MPs to protect the ban on hunting wild mammals with dogs. Support the Hunting Act 2004.