Blue Fox campaign in the Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Guardian on Boxing Day

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  Our campaign against repeal was featured in The Daily Telegraph , the Daily Mail and in The Guardian on Boxing Day. The Guardian also included our campaign in a further article on hunting on the 27th December 2011.

The Prime Minister is known to support the lifting of the ban and the Coalition agreement promised MPs a free vote.

However, he has not yet set aside Parliamentary time for a vote – and earlier this year a group of modernising Tory MPs known as the Blue Fox group described the prospect of a vote as ‘dead and buried’.

There is an ongoing campaign behind the scenes to convince the Liberal Democrats, Labour and so-called “blue foxes” — or Conservatives against hunting — that the law should be repealed. The Boxing Day Beaufort hunt

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting said it defied “credulity that … there is a small minority of people who are actively campaigning for a return to blood sports, in the form of foxhunting, stag hunting, hare hunting and hare coursing with dogs.”

However, a number of modernising Tory MPs – known as the Blue Fox group – have described the prospect of a vote on hunting as “dead and buried”. This group is thought to number around 20 MPs. Many Lib Dems would join them in resisting the repeal of the legislation but the move to overturn the hunting ban could be joined by a number of Labour MPs making it unclear what way a Commons’ vote would go.


David Cameron to ditch foxhunting U-turn – Telegraph 

1 day ago – Sunday 25 December 2011 … And even when a vote is eventually held, senior Conservatives are … The lack of progress on the hunting issue is likely to dismay pro-hunting Conservatives backing Boxing Day hunts today, who include … The “Blue Foxes” group includes several women first elected last year …