Conservatives Against Fox Hunting Manifesto 2017

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The General Election is fast approaching and the public feel strongly about animal welfare matters; they have signed petitions, joined campaigns and sent numerous letters and emails to MPs, who receive more mail regarding animals than on any other topic.

While concern for animals is a mainstream priority, this isn’t reflected in the policies of most UK political parties. Improving animal welfare and how we view animals is an integral part of a civilised society. We firmly believe that animal welfare is an important issue to millions of people
Blue Fox has produced a manifesto setting out issues for action. The manifesto aims to generate debate and encourage the public and politicians to consider how they can improve animal welfare within the Party.

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting Manifesto 2017

Exclude any offer to hold a free vote on and omit any pledge to undermine the hunting ban

End the badger cull and to ensure that no expansion of the cull occurs

Introduce a statutory close season for hares which are a priority species

Introduce a ban on snares. Snares are prohibited in most of the EU and the UK are one of only five EU countries to still allow the free use of snares

Commit to a review of the industry of shooting live birds as targets for sport shooting, looking specifically at the animal welfare, economic and ecological impacts

Commit to long term funding of the National Wildlife Crime Unit

Introduce stronger sentencing for animal cruelty

Implement a central database for tracking racing greyhounds from birth to retirement, to death. Introduce a statutory requirement for tracks, trainers and owners to rehome all racing greyhounds and end industry self- regulation. Greyhound racing is only legal in eight countries, including the UK

Ban third party sale of dogs- Dogs should be only available from licensed regulated breeders or approved re-homing organisations

End all fur imports to the UK. The Government ordered the last UK fur farm to close its doors in 2003

Introduce mandatory method of production labelling on meat and dairy to show which system animals are
reared in. Labelling to show method of slaughter

Introduce mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses

Ban non-stun slaughter

End live animal transports from the UK and at least tougher regulations on animal transport, including a
maximum of eight hours

Phase out enriched cages for laying hens

Phase out farrowing crates for pigs. Replace with free farrowing systems

Ensure that all EU animal welfare legislation is protected and transferred into UK law

Implement the total ban on the use of wild animals in circuses

Action to end trophy hunting and the importation of wildlife trophies into the EU

Introduce a domestic ivory ban for all ivory, including antique ivory(with some specific exemptions)

Oppose commercial whaling worldwide

Actively oppose the dog meat trade

Government to increase funding directed towards developing and promoting human alternatives to animal
experiments. Stop the use of primates, cats and dogs in research. Put rules on the harm-benefit
assessment of animal experiments out to public consultation to prevent trivial research. Ban experiments
causing severe pain. Require animal research establishments to publish strategies for reducing the
numbers of animals used

We would welcome the creation of an Animal Protection Commission(APC) for animal welfare to be
factored into decisions on trade agreements. There is a fundamental weakness in the UK’s approach to
animal welfare – the lack of any government body with a dedicated animal welfare remit. We visualise that
the APC would be led by a Board of 16 Commissioners representing a mixture of experts (in fields such
as veterinary & animal welfare science, law, ethics, public policy), stakeholders from animal protection
NGOs and industry