'Crops wrecked as yobs hunt Shropshire wildlife'- the Shropshire Star 19/12/2011

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‘Yobs are driving across the Shropshire countryside to chase badgers and hares for their dogs to fight and kill, leaving a ‘terrible mess’ in their wake, farmers claimed today.’ this headline is from the Shropshire Star.

The farmer, who did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals, said there had been about a dozen separate incidents on his farm.

He said: “These people are dangerous. They make a mess. It is a constant battle. They have no respect for crops, property or people.”

Read more: http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2011/12/19/crops-wrecked-as-yobs-hunt-shropshire-wildlife/#ixzz1hNBu4dc4

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Conservatives Against Fox hunting  ask if it is acceptable for people to hunt ANY animal with dogs for sport, regardless if they are badgers or hares? When  a minority of people say they defend fox hunting, we ask them if they also support dog fighting as both ‘sports’ share the same model of dogs being trained to attack for the onlooker’s recreation. This comparison usually elicits a suprised response as they often see the inconsistency in their logic. Why is it deemed acceptable by hunt supporters for a wild  animal  to be chased and torn apart by  packs of dogs but not a domesticated one? Do wild animals  have different nervous systems to domesticated animals or feel less pain? We also ask hunting folk to perhaps examine why they enjoy out of free choice in participating in an activity which induces fear and a violent death to wild animals.

https://www.conservativesagainstfoxhunting.com/2011/02/conservatives-against-fox-hunting-dog-day-end-video/ Watch our three minute video comparing the’sport’ of  hunting with dogs with dog fighting.This video was also featured on the facebook site of a Conservative MP.