Jurassic Park Time!

By October 10, 2010 Uncategorised

It sounds like Jurassic Park  here at the moment! It’s that time of year again, October, when the stags start to compete against each other for the attention of the females. We can hear  a great deal of roaring and bellowing going on amongst the trees and hidden within the tall ferns here. There is a lot of action going on too, with stags literally locking horns and chasing each other about the land. This photo was taken on the 8th October 2010 and  we were very lucky to get so close to this magnificent animal.  We love to take pictures of the deer herds where we live and it’s a real privledge to see these animals every day  within walking distance of our home. We feel compelled to campaign for their protection from a return to hunting stags with dogs which is considered cruel and unnecessary by the majority of  people we talk to and reflected in an  official IPOS MORI poll conducted by IFAW and The league Against Cruel Sports in October 2009.