Leave The Past Behind. Look To The Future.

By October 25, 2010 Uncategorised

The decisions we make today affect the way we are perceived by later generations. Young people are less tolerant of unnecessary suffering of wildlife and seek to protect animals increasingly more than past generations. Indeed, it is through the irresponsible and misguided recreational hunting of tigers, rhino and elephants etc that we now have endangered species and critical levels of population decline. Future generations may even suffer a loss of such creatures and it is right that legislation has been put in place to protect these species from people who want to hunt them for recreation as they once did on a large scale in the past. Of course, our wildlife are not threatened species but the same respect and right choices about how we treat them should surely extend to their welfare too.

If Britain repeals a law set in place to ban unnecessary suffering how can we be expected to influence other nations controversial policies on whaling and bull fighting and big game hunting for example? The international community is watching us closely on this. Northern Ireland has just taken the historic decsion to ban hare coursing. Ireland itself has banned stag hunting. Calalonia has banned bull fighting and the rest of Spain is expected to follow suit under public pressure to ban it through out Spain. These activities have no place in the 21st century. Because something was carried out for hundreds of years does not make it acceptable now. For Britain to return to illegal activities would diminish our respect and standing in the world on animal welfare , especially as other countries are taking note of growing public pressure to do the right thing.


This is why we champion our message,. We ask you to think! Don’t Run With The Pack.