Our Founder introduces the Blue Fox campaign to Martin Bell, April 27th 2012

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Our Co Founder recently introduced the Blue Fox campaign to Martin Bell. We had a good private talk together.

As one of the most distinguished foreign affairs reporters of his generation, Martin Bell was among those who defined the term “war correspondant ” Over the last 30 years, he has reported from 80 countries and covered 11 conflicts. He won the Royal Television Society’s Reporter of the Year award in 1977, and again in 1993. He was awarded an OBE in 1992.


Martin wrote a witty little verse about fox hunting with us in mind and here it is, especially for us:


Fox-hunting’s banned:  by popular volition 

The love of quadrupeds is orthodox.

How odd that in these days of Coalition

The endangered Ministers were Hunt and Fox.


It was  interesting to hear firsthand of Martin Bell’s role as a UNICEF ambassador and the important work he carries out in far flung areas of the world. We have provided some of the text for people to learn more about his necessary work in places like the Yemen, a country where’ just over half of it’s population are it’s 12 million children caught in the crossfire of unreported wars.’ The article was featured in the Daily Mail recently:

Please read the full article on this link: