Repeal also means a return to hunting stags with dogs which has been illegal since the introduction of the Hunting Act 2004.

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Repeal means not only a return to  fox hunting but also stag hunting with dogs.  These  activities are unacceptable to over 75%  of the population who want to see these illegal practices remain banned. Ireland  recently made the historic decision in June 2010 to ban stag hunting. It would be extraordinary and illogical for England and Wales to advocate a return to these  activities. Germany banned hunting with dogs over 70 years ago  since it was  considered cruel and practices lamping instead  ( shooting at night to a bright light) which is deemed the more humane method of control.

 The Hunting Act is about banning the unnecessary suffering  experienced by wild mammals.  Foxes are  chased, attacked and killed by hounds in tradtional fox hunting.