We Celebrate the Seventh Anniversary of the Ban.

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A growing number of Conservative MPs support the Hunting Act. Today marks the Seventh Anniversary of the Ban.

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting are celebrating the seventh anniversary of the Hunting Act 2004 which banned the cruel and unnecessary ‘sport’ of chasing and killing foxes, deer, hare and mink with dogs.

There are a growing number of Conservative MPs who support The Hunting Act 2004. Over two thirds of Conservative supporters and the vast majority of the country oppose the repeal of the ban. MPs will be given the opportunity to vote on a motion on holding a free vote on repealing the Hunting Act at some point in this parliament.

A spokesperson for Conservatives Against Fox Hunting, said, “ The Prime Minister used a recent interview on Countryfile to call the Hunting Act a bizarre piece of legislation. This is an unfortunate way to describe a law that is backed by the majority of Conservative supporters.

Proponents of bloodsports try and paint a picture of an oppressive urban majority that doesn’t understand the countryside. Why then, do polls show a large majority of people in rural areas supportive of the Hunting Act? The latest polling actually shows a higher proportion of people in London in favour hunting with dogs (though still only 22%) compared to Yorkshire (15%).*

As a nation we have a proud history of pioneering higher animal welfare standards. For Britain to return to illegal activities would diminish our respect and standing in the world on animal welfare, at a time when we are asking for greater global efforts to conserve habitats and species. We should continue to look to the future and not return to outmoded sports of the past. Our message is very much one of continuity and let’s keep moving forwards.”


* YouGov Boxing Day 2011 polling for the League Against Cruel Sports.


http://www.huntingact.org/ The Hunting Act explained