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Welcome to Conservatives Against Fox Hunting. This web site represents the two thirds of Conservative supporters and the 75% of the general population who are against the repeal of the Hunting Act 2004 which bans hunting with dogs.

Over 75% of the population of the UK are against repeal as demonstrated in official MORI IPOS polls conducted in October 2009. Over 72% of the rural population are against repeal and want to see the ban on hunting wild mammals remain in place.

The Coaltion Governments proposed Motion to consider a Free Vote to repeal the Hunting Act 2004 could mean a return of these unnecessary sports with dogs which have been outlawed for five years.

Our Nation has a proud history of pioneering higher animal welfare standards and an intolerance of unnecessary cruelty. We cannot be expected to influence other countries policies on whaling, bull fighting and big game trophy hunting etc if we are seen internationally, to overturn a ban set in place to ban cruelty in hunting wild mammals with dogs.

The Hunting Act 2004 is not about class issues, town versus country, civil liberties or banning rural customs or traditions. It was established to protect wild mammals from suffering in the unnecessary chase and being killed by dogs. Where a farmer deems there is a need for control the Burns Inquiry commissioned by the Labour Government, concluded that lamping (shooting) was the more humane method.

If a group of burglars were to march on parliament calling for repeal of the Theft Act for the restrictions that Act places on their nefarious activities, their calls would rightly be dismissed. If those who like to drive at racetrack speeds petitioned for a repeal of the Road Traffic Act, their campaign would be discounted as nonsense. And so it is puzzling why those with a desire to kill wildlife for ‘sport’ are given such a wide arena in which to campaign for repeal of the legislation which rightly places bloodsports on the wrong side of the law.

John Cooper QC

Chairman, League Against Cruel Sports.

Hunting wild mammals needs to remain in the past along with other illegal outmoded tradtions such as bear and bull baiting, dog and cock fighting. These ‘traditions’ were heavily opposed in their time but nobody would contest them now.

Let’s not see a return of hunting with dogs and leave it consigned to history where it belongs.

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