The University Of Oxford's Bodleian Library archives our website

By February 25, 2012 Uncategorised

Three weeks ago we received a written request to archive our website from the Bodleian Library at the University Of Oxford.

The Bodleian Library said that our website had been selected by their curators as being of lasting research value and worthy of permanent preservation for the benefit of historians and researchers in the Web Archive of the Bodleian Libraries.The Bodleian Library holds the Conservative Party Archive.

We have excellent relationships with mammal research scientists, vets, wildlife rescue centres, animal welfare organisations and wildlife protection authorities as we aim to provide a useful information resource for Conservative MPs on the hunting ban issue.

Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library is a working library which forms part of the University of Oxford. It is housed in a remarkable group of buildings which forms the historic heart of the University, and one can explore the quadrangles of these magnificent structures at no charge. Different ticket options allow one to visit the interior of some of the buildings, such as the University’s oldest teaching and examination room, The Divinity School (built 1427-88). Here you will discover more of the University’s fascinating history. Guided tours go behind the scenes in the Library, including its oldest research library, The Bodleian, dating from 1602-20.