We appear On ITV and BBC TV with MPs and Bill Oddie of Springwatch,Parliament Square 12/02/2012

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We were pleased to support badgers at Humane Society International UK’s event against the badger cull with Bill Oddie and MPs in Parliament Square before BBC and ITV tv news reporters on the 28th February 2012. The League Against Cruel Sports and Care For The Wild International also attended. We had an individual chat with Bill Oddie about the hunting issue too and he is very much against a return of hunting with dogs. Mike Weatherley, the anti hunting Conservative MP attended along with other MPs including Mary Creagh , Angela Smith and others.

The animal welfare organisations then proceeded with Bill Oddie to present the scientific evidence against the badger cull to the DEFRA office in Westminster.

Humane Society International has brought a complaint against Caroline Spelman under the Bern Convention, which protects European wildlife. Mark Jones, the executive director of HSI UK, said: “The Bern Convention states there should not be ‘significant disruption’ of badger populations, and we don’t think the government’s culling plans can possibly avoid this. It is certain that whole clans of badgers will be wiped out.”



Government wildlife advisers warn that plans to shoot the creatures to tackle bovine TB may break the law

The government’s plan to cull badgers could wipe out up to 79% of the animals in their heartland of the west and south-west of England, according to documents seen by the Observer, and up to almost a third of the national population.

Local extinctions “cannot be ruled out”, warned Natural England, the government’s statutory wildlife advisers. Officials also told ministers that there was a “significant risk” that the culls would break European wildlife protection law.


CELEBRITIES, including conservationist Bill Oddie, and MPs, including Shadow Defra Secretary Mary Creagh, are today backing moves to halt the planned English badger cull.

VIDEO OF BADGER CULL PROTEST IN PARLIAMENT SQUARE with Westminster MPs , Conservatives Against Fox Hunting CO Founder, the  UK Director of HSI,  the  CEO of  Care For The Wild International, League Against Cruel Sports, Link, Badger Trust spokesperson and Bill Oddie, conservationist.




Naturalist Bill Oddie spoke against the proposed government trial cull of badgers to control Bovine TB and asked how they would be shot.

In this clip, Bill Oddie speaks out opposing the badger cull against Simon Hart MP, the ex CEO of the CA. Our Founder was robustly questioned on the close season for hares that CAFH and HSI presented in the House Of Commons last week before the APGAW meeting of 50 plus people.