Blue Fox Patron Mike Weatherley MP Delivers Hunt Ban Support Letter to Prime Minister

By November 23, 2013 June 13th, 2019 Latest News

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting

Blue Fox Patron Mike Weatherley MP Delivers Hunt Ban Support Letter to Prime Minister


Blue Fox / Conservatives Against Fox Hunting’s Patron, Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has hand-delivered his letter to the Prime Minister, which reaffirms his support for the Hunting Act 2004, which banned hunting with dogs, to 10 Downing Street.

Mike is a strong supporter of animal welfare and has pledged to vote against any attempt to repeal the Hunting Act. Mike has consistently voted in favour of animal welfare and has supported a number of campaigns for better treatment of animals in the UK.

Mike said on his media release: “The Hunting Act 2004 was introduced following public outrage that cruel sports were taking place across the country. Commenting, Mike said: “I wanted to deliver my letter to the Prime Minister by hand to highlight that my support of the ban on hunting with dogs has been unwavering – it’s cruel and should stay banned. I felt that it was important to remind the Prime Minister that there is no appetite locally for a ban and that I would vote against any attempt to alter or repeal it.”

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting are pleased that Mike Weatherley MP consistently speaks out to protect stags, hares and foxes against a return of hunting with dogs and hare coursing. Lorraine Platt, Co Founder said that it is vital for Conservative Supporters and MPs to show their support for the ban:

“These outmoded sports belong in the past and it is important that Conservative MPs represent the majority opinion against a return of these banned sports and are not swayed by the hunting lobby.”

‘ Earlier this week, the Western Daily Press reported of our Blue Fox Group for either ‘ being credited or blamed for killing any chance of a repeal of the Hunting Act.’

We are proud of our voluntary campaign to protect wildlife from unnecessary sports and will continue to be vigilant for any backdoor measures to repeal the ban on hunting with dogs.We still see repeal as a huge threat and will continue our work to support the ban.

Mike Weatherley MP’s media release can be seen on his website here: