Queen's Brian May includes us in his Big Issue interview and his website. March 2012

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The Queen guitarist and animal campaigner on astronomy, dealing with depression, and how he thinks about Freddie Mercury every day


My week is full of all kinds of stuff you wouldn’t believe. I have lived my whole life without a timetable, so I don’t take very kindly to that kind of discipline. A typical week will have a lot of astronomy, a small amount of stereoscopic photography, a bit of music and a lot of animal welfare stuff. I divide my time between those things and trying to be a family person.


On Monday, my day might start with a call from Conservatives Against Fox Hunting, who are Tory Party members fighting for good treatment of animals…..

Please read the full Big Issue interview on this link:  http://www.bigissue.com/features/interviews/753/my-week-brian-may

Brian May also wrote about us on his website. The article can be read on this link: http://brianmay.com/brian/briannews/briannewsapr12a.html